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« Stuff the turkey » Quest

« Stuff the turkey » Quest

Laure Fiorini, on 11-15-13

Thanksgiving is coming, get started and collect and collect all 5 turkey variation for the ultimate feast.         Step... Read more

"Cupcake Dynasty" Quest

Laure Fiorini, on 11-04-13

Bake cupecake and unlock th sweet cupcake Bakery.     Step 1 ·         Place the... Read more

"Candy is Dandy" Quest

Laure Fiorini, on 10-28-13

Halloween countdown mastery stars have arrived. Place the spooky stove and start unlocking your new halloween countdown dishes.    Step... Read more

"A dome of your Own" Quest

Laure Fiorini, on 10-25-13

Store wild onions and radishes to clean your restaurant.        Step... Read more

"Monster Muchies" Quest

Laure Fiorini, on 10-16-13

Complete your cursed cauldron and start summonning spooky monster in your restaurant.   Step 1 ·         Complete a... Read more

"A Monster's Kitchen" Quest

Laure Fiorini, on 10-10-13

Turn your customers into monster with the cursed cauldron.     Step  1 ·       Complete... Read more

"My beatiful Ballon" Quest

Laure Fiorini, on 10-09-13

Place your clay cooker to earn Ribbons.    NOTE : You have 8 days to complete this quest.   Step 1 ·    ... Read more

"The Hungry Dead" Quest

Laure Fiorini, on 10-08-13

Earn 1 All Thyme with this Halloween's Quest.     Step 1 ·       Plant Scary Squash Crops... Read more

"House of Horrors" Quest

Laure Fiorini, on 10-07-13

Throught Halloween, get double the recommendations when you give VIP services from Hauted dishes.     Note : You hve 25 days to... Read more

"Milkshake Mania" Quest

Laure Fiorini, on 10-03-13

Make some milkshake with the gourmet shake mixer.     Step 1 ·         Place the... Read more

"Hot-dog season" quest

Laure Fiorini, on 10-02-13

Hot Dog is back and just in time for fall. Earn up to 4 mastery stars with every dish.    STEP 1 Place and Complete Autumn Hot Dog... Read more

"Popcorn Poppin"" Quest

Laure Fiorini, on 09-27-13

Collect Popcorn Bags to Redeem Great Prizes at the popcorn cart.     Step 1 ·       Place the... Read more

"The autumn Harvest" Quest

Laure Fiorini, on 09-23-13

Place the harvest cooker and earn 2 salts     Place your Harvest Cooker Collect 8 Cranberries Cook 6 Salmon with... Read more

 Oktoberfest Event

Oktoberfest Event

Laure Fiorini, on 09-20-13

Collect outstanding Oktoberfest ribbons to earn Mastery Stars and other reawards.   STEP 1 Complete the Oktoberfest Slow Cooker Click on your... Read more

"Infinite energy statue" Quest

Laure Fiorini, on 09-19-13

Colby builds a statue to give you illimited energy. Complete this 3 steps to get one.     Step  1 ·      ... Read more

"Dressed up sweets" Quest

Laure Fiorini, on 09-16-13

The faster you build, the better rewards. Partner with a friends for the best score.  Step... Read more

"Bello wants Candy" Quest

Laure Fiorini, on 09-13-13

Craft Candy Sculpture with your friends.   Step 1 Place the Candy Decoration Station Place a new Candy Sculpture Place and Complete the... Read more

"Cakewalk" quest

Laure Fiorini, on 09-12-13

Upgrade your cheesecake oven and earn 2 hour thymes.   Step 1   Upgrade your Cheesecake Oven to Intermediate Bake Carrot Cheesecake 1... Read more

"Food and Drink fest" Quest

Laure Fiorini, on 09-09-13

Cook new recipes with your rare ingredients. trad with Bicycle Traders to get more rare ingredients. Step... Read more

"Spice Girl" Quest

Laure Fiorini, on 09-06-13

Place the spicy stove and earn 1 salt.     Note : You have 12 days to complete your quest Step... Read more