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Monster Busters

Tips about Monster Busters

Par Julie Nguy

Monster Busters - Level 149

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Here are the tips to help you pass Monster Busters level 149

- Tip 1: Only make moves in column 1, 2, 8 and 9 until the sprinkle monsters change to the same color with the one below it. Swap the stone with the one above it to create a match. Then swap the stone with the left monster. Now new monsters fill the ice space.
- Tip 2: make matches over ice prisons to break them.
- Tip 3: when there is no possible move in the ice area, make a move under column 1 and 9 to create new matching options.

Link to the video tips: http://gameru.com/tip/Monster-Busters-How-to-Pass-Level-149