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Subway Surfers

Review of the game

Review of the game

By Willy Wookz, on 10-15-13

Subway Surfers is a great endless running iPhone and ipad game designed for use in mobile devices. It features a great and colorful whimsical design with a fast pace. It is available on the Android and iOS platforms. This game was officially launched in 2012 and its main updates were based on the World Tour theme that placed the action game in a new city every month. This game can be easily described as another version of Temple Run though there are some main twists that make it more attractive and entertaining as well. 
The core of Subway Surfers has it that the player runs along the set subway tracks for as long as they can manage as they collect coins and other power tools along the path ahead. As they do this, they should avoid obstacles such as light posts, actual trains, tunnels, wooden barricades among others. Subway Surfers is a colorful game that features green trees, a blue sky and the trains are mainly red and yellow. It looks more like a cartoon.

Game play

At the beginning of Subway Surfers, a player will have only one character, Jake. The player is expected to control Jake using a few gestures that include; swiping from left to right to control the lane you are jumping between, swiping down to make Jake tumble roll swiping upwards to make him jump. In addition, a double tap gesture allows Jake to utilize his hover board. This makes him invincible for a short time. If Jake swipes into a train or wall, a police officer with his/her dog will move closer towards you and if you make a bad swipe again, the game ends.
It comprises of ten different characters each of which is unleashed in a different manner. The first few characters can be unlocked using coins while the last three are unlocked using special items from the mystery boxes found on the tracks. Players are allowed to use their coins to purchase items and power up tools.
Just like others of its kind, Subway Surfers iPhone game feature a number of social features such as Facebook integration. This allows a player to brag to friends, use a leader board and receive free coins as well. There are also a number of trophies for the players to collect which make the game fun. 
There are three lanes to run along, the right, middle and left lanes. The player should always jump when switching to another lane to avoid low hanging obstacles. You have to combine various moves such as swiping down when sliding and passing through small gaps. These moves make the game look elegant. It is a non-stop running game that entails more than running. The player can nab power-ups that assist in collecting coins, giving them a boost to clear obstacles and increase their speed as well. There are a number of missions that the player is required to complete apart from just running. These missions include collecting 500 coins and scoring a particular number of pints. The missions are quite simple but they encourage the player to take chances and boost their skill level as a Subway Surfer. The game contains two types of currencies that the players must keep an eye on. Both currencies can be refilled via regular playing or through the app purchase. 
All in all, Subway Surfers is a unique Android game since it takes a very popular and established formula and restates on it in a number of essential ways. Its mission system is adequate enough to offer the player with a reason to keep coming back to play the game. The characters featured in Subway Surfers are quirky, charming and fun. In addition, the few upgrades that SYBO and Kiloo have incorporated in the game make it special. Subway Surfers is definitely a great game that deserves a spot in the games folders. It has a lot in common with its 3D endless running cousins. However, it is well managed and features top-notch controls.
You can also connect your Facebook account to find friends, share your score and achievements.

About the Developers

Subway Surfers was developed by SYBO games. This independent game development company that was founded by Bodie Jahn Mulliner who is currently the CEO and Sylvester Jensen, the creative director owns the rights to Subway Surfers. They have experienced high numbers of game downloads since May 2012.  Subway Surfers has established itself as the most popular game application that is having a rapidly growing global market. To achieve such popularity, the developer SYBO has emphasized in combining great animations and highly intuitive controls that can be played using one hand without straining. This company aims at developing more intriguing main game play character designs, mechanics, concept development, cartoon graphics and great sound designs. Additionally, the company has expanded its platform to the Amazon, Android and iPhone markets. 

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