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« Stuff the turkey » Quest

Thanksgiving is coming, get started and collect and collect all 5 turkey variation for the ultimate feast.         Step 1 ·         complete the Gobbler oven ·... Read more

Laure, on 11-15-13

« Stuff the turkey » Quest


"Cupcake Dynasty" Quest

Bake cupecake and unlock th sweet cupcake Bakery.     Step 1 ·         Place the traditional cupcake Oven Display case ·       Complete the... Read more

Laure, on 11-04-13


"Candy is Dandy" Quest

Halloween countdown mastery stars have arrived. Place the spooky stove and start unlocking your new halloween countdown dishes.    Step 1 ·         Place the scary... Read more

Laure, on 10-28-13


"A dome of your Own" Quest

Store wild onions and radishes to clean your restaurant.        Step 1 ·         Complete your onion Garden Dome ·       Store 3... Read more

Laure, on 10-25-13


"Monster Muchies" Quest

Complete your cursed cauldron and start summonning spooky monster in your restaurant.   Step 1 ·         Complete a Zombie Tombstone ·         Collect 8... Read more

Laure, on 10-16-13


"A Monster's Kitchen" Quest

Turn your customers into monster with the cursed cauldron.     Step  1 ·       Complete the cursed cauldron ·        Summon a... Read more

Laure, on 10-10-13


"My beatiful Ballon" Quest

Place your clay cooker to earn Ribbons.    NOTE : You have 8 days to complete this quest.   Step 1 ·         Complete the clay cooker ·       Place... Read more

Laure, on 10-09-13


"The Hungry Dead" Quest

Earn 1 All Thyme with this Halloween's Quest.     Step 1 ·       Plant Scary Squash Crops 6 times ·         Have 2 Mastery Stars on decomposed... Read more

Laure, on 10-08-13


"House of Horrors" Quest

Throught Halloween, get double the recommendations when you give VIP services from Hauted dishes.     Note : You hve 25 days to coplete this quest.   Step 1 ·        ... Read more

Laure, on 10-07-13


"Milkshake Mania" Quest

Make some milkshake with the gourmet shake mixer.     Step 1 ·         Place the Milksake statue ·       Place ande complete the gourmet shake... Read more

Laure, on 10-03-13


"Hot-dog season" quest

Hot Dog is back and just in time for fall. Earn up to 4 mastery stars with every dish.    STEP 1 Place and Complete Autumn Hot Dog Stand Harvest your Bread Rack 6 time Craft 2 Spicy Ground Beef   STEP 2 Have Cart... Read more

Laure, on 10-02-13


"Popcorn Poppin"" Quest

Collect Popcorn Bags to Redeem Great Prizes at the popcorn cart.     Step 1 ·       Place the popcorn cart ·           PLace and... Read more

Laure, on 09-27-13


"The autumn Harvest" Quest

Place the harvest cooker and earn 2 salts     Place your Harvest Cooker Collect 8 Cranberries Cook 6 Salmon with Cranberries Harvest your Lentil Crate Tend your neighbor's Wild Onions Serve Lentil Soup Harvest... Read more

Laure, on 09-23-13


Oktoberfest Event

Collect outstanding Oktoberfest ribbons to earn Mastery Stars and other reawards.   STEP 1 Complete the Oktoberfest Slow Cooker Click on your Event Hall Harvest your Garlic Stall   STEP 2 Have Alpenhorns Harvest the Sugar... Read more

Laure, on 09-20-13

 Oktoberfest Event


"Infinite energy statue" Quest

Colby builds a statue to give you illimited energy. Complete this 3 steps to get one.     Step  1 ·         Place the Infinite Energy Statue ·        Have Cool... Read more

Laure, on 09-19-13


"Dressed up sweets" Quest

The faster you build, the better rewards. Partner with a friends for the best score.  Step 1 ·         Place a new candy Sculpture  ·        ... Read more

Laure, on 09-16-13


"Bello wants Candy" Quest

Craft Candy Sculpture with your friends.   Step 1 Place the Candy Decoration Station Place a new Candy Sculpture Place and Complete the Sugar Drop Dispenser Step 2 Have 6 Pulling Pliers Harvest your Sugar Drop Dispenser... Read more

Laure, on 09-13-13


"Cakewalk" quest

Upgrade your cheesecake oven and earn 2 hour thymes.   Step 1   Upgrade your Cheesecake Oven to Intermediate Bake Carrot Cheesecake 1 time Visit your neighbors 6 times! Step 2 Have 8 Cheesecake Toppings Bake... Read more

Laure, on 09-12-13


"Food and Drink fest" Quest

Cook new recipes with your rare ingredients. trad with Bicycle Traders to get more rare ingredients. Step 1 ·        place and click on the trader sign ·         Place bike... Read more

Laure, on 09-09-13


"Spice Girl" Quest

Place the spicy stove and earn 1 salt.     Note : You have 12 days to complete your quest Step 1 ·         Complete the spicy... Read more

Laure, on 09-06-13